BE Open is

There’s a smarter way

to host your building

Introducing BE Open

A new concept by Boon Edam, providing you with a comfortable and contactless entry experience.

See for yourself!

Concept videos

In these short videos, the concept of BE Open is explained. 4 User scenarios will be adressed, as well as the mobile application of BE Open and how it works when entering a building.

How does BE Open work?

4 Components, working together in harmony in a smart system.

A beacon network

Accurate indoor positioning

Real-time locating system (RTLS) will be used to automatically identify and track the wireless tags, worn by the people in your building. The final solution will be tailor made for your specific requirements and demands. Our BE Open system will take all relevant parameters like m2 and #persons in consideration to provide in the deployment of your building.

A smartphone application

Physical or digital tags

Tags in physic forms, or digitally implemented in apps on a smartphone, will provide the system information in the whereabouts of the persons wearing and using them in your building. Our BE Open system provides in smart notifications to the users – both visitors and employees – of your building.

An automatic entrance

Public doors and security gates

All automated portals in your building can be integrated in the BE Open system, resulting in automatic and non-obstructive transitions for the users wearing and using the tags. Contactless and frictionless passages will be guaranteed for your authorised persons, and non-authorised persons will be friendly re-routed. BE Open can function in an “always open” modus where gates only close in case an un-authorised person is being detected. It can also function in an “automatic open” modus where gates open pro-actively when authorised persons are being detected.

A useful dashboard

Reports and analysis

BE Open provides in standard and tailor made reports, giving real-time and historical insight is the occupancy and utilisation of your building. It can result in identifying who visits your building, available room reservation, un-authorised use of areas, balance of first responders on site and eventually cleaning service information based on real and accurate use of the premises.

Multiple usecases

Deconstructed individually, to show the benefits for all.


As a guest you will be guided and welcomed through the building, removing all your hassles.


For employees it’s so much easier to host your visitors as well as enter your building effortlessly.

Facility manager

You can manage who goes into your building and see who are currently in your building.

Security manager

You can reject people from entering your building, without all the hassle and complications.

Pricing plans

Standard registration



Parking registration

High accuracy

Welcome via


Hassle-free package

Secure package

Always open package



Occupancy tool

Authorisation tool

First Responder Presence




Push message


Standard analytics

< 25.00 m


Personalised push message

Per zone

Personalised analytics

< 5.00 m


Personalised push message


Detailed indoor wayfinding

Analytics toolkit

< 2.00 m


Personalised push message


Detailed indoor wayfinding

Analytics toolkit

< 0.50 m

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